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  • Timber-Lites - 9pac
  • Timber-Lites - 9pac
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Timber-Lites - 9pac

Brand: Hot-Rods Code: TIM001
A new age in Firelighters. No smelly hands. Re-sealable bag. No cancer forming chemicals added. Treated blocks light in an instant. Burns smokeless & odourless. Made from plantation grown timber.

Product Features

Gone are the days of harmful, smelly, ineffectivefirelighters, lets welcome a new age in firelighters with the HotRods Timber-Lites.

We simply wanted a firelighter that lit in an instant, with a decent flame that got our fire to burn the first time. How about a firelighter that can be handled without washing your hands afterwards, releases no acrid smoke and is virtually smokeless and odourless.

Also a firelighter that is both non-harmful to you and environmentally conscious. Impossible? Not with the HotRods Timber-Lites.

Our firelighters emit no free formaldehyde which most other fire lighters do. This gas is classified as a carcinogen (cancer causing properties) and is strictly controlled in many countries (USA, Canada, EU, etc.).

Sourced from waste plantation timber, a renewable resource and packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag which traps the chemicals within. Safe enough to sit in your pantry cupboard.

Try the HotRods Timber-Lites and you will never light a fire any other way.

Product Specifications


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